The Materials

All Materials catalogued on this Website and offered for purchase are child-sized, and are designed, sourced or hand-crafted (or all three) by a trained Montessori teacher with the developmental needs and the safety of the child in mind.  The Materials have also been child-tested – that is, all items either have been used or are currently in use in homes or school classrooms.  Most of the Materials made by Montessori Materials at present are designed for the first plane of development, the years 0-6.

However, although the Materials are child-sized, none are toys.  For example, the tools provided with the toolbox and matching cards are real tools.  Likewise, the kitchen utensils accompanying food preparation exercises are functioning, usable, implements.  So please consider the age and skill level of each child before presenting Materials purchased from us.  And, precisely because the Materials are real, and not toys, diligent supervision of their use is of the utmost importance.

If at any time you are concerned about the quality, suitability or safety of the Materials please contact us before you order; we will be pleased to advise you without obligation.

As for supply, since the Materials are individually crafted from raw materials or components as they become available to Montessori Materials at different times, we cannot always guarantee the continuing supply of a particular item.  However, we strive to ensure that the catalogue is current and accurate, and that there are sufficient supplies to cater for the likely expected needs of our customers.