This sewing activity includes the same items as the other sewing activities (in zip bag or box):  10 sewing cards with matching yarn; plastic needle in needle case; scissors with safety hood; and, directions for the adult.  Sewing holes are pre-punched in the cards and yarn is attached ready for use.  There are a variety of pictures on the cards which appeal to children.

The 2-BOX SEWING ACTIVITY is unique in the way that it is organized.  The top layer includes materials for immediate use, i.e., one card, scissors and hood, needle and case, plus directions.  The bottom layer is for card storage; the other 9 cards are available to replenish the activity when the top layer card has been completed.  There are no latches or hinges on the plastic boxes.  A child can easily lift each layer off to retrieve the items he/she needs.  This 2-box activity measures 18cm (7″) wide x 11.5cm (4.5″) deep x 9cm (3.5″) tall.

See in the Sensory-Motor category on the Home Page that additional sewing cards are available for purchase in 10-card sets.