FABRIC SNAP BAG  is another enticing change-up for a way to present language materials whether on the shelf or hanging up.  It is made to hold cards and/or objects, and is usually themed to match them. Afterwards, the bag provides good safe storage for the same materials.

This bag measures 14cm square (5.5″ square), not counting the 2.5cm (1″) top band, and can be combined with the four 6-card FRUIT sets (Sets 1-4) found in our catalogue  in the cards only section.  Snap bags may be purchased in combination with cards and/or objects offered in Montessori Materials or individually to hold materials you may already have.

Construction:  A Snap Bag is a fully-lined fabric bag consisting of 2 layers of cotton and 1 of craft-fuse interfacing. The “snap” is a metal measuring tape safely covered in electrician’s tape and held within the cotton layers.  A crocheted loop is attached to the outside to make hanging the bag a possibility.

Usage:   As in eye-glass cases or coin purses, an adult would squeeze the closure of the bag to open.  However, these card-holders are wider and are simply opened by the child wiggling his/her fingers at the band at the top to open the bag. (See photo.)  A child can easily open the bag and retrieve its contents, and yet, when the bag ‘snap’ is closed, it is strong enough that the bag can be held upside down without contents falling out.  (See photo.)