8-card STORY of WASHING CLOTHES in a Tote Bag



These 8 cards exactly match the same subject offered without the tote.  The cards include:  hamper; detergent and scoop; washing machine; laundry basket; pegs; Hills Hoist with man hanging up clothes; clothes dryer; and a basket with dry, folded clothes.  Toddlers enjoy the “story” sequence of how we go about taking care of our clothes.

The cotton tote measures 15 cm (6″) x 12.5 cm (5″) – not including the handles.  It offers children a different, interesting option for a cards-only presentation.  A laminated picture sewn to the fabric tells a child what is inside, and handles make the bag easy to carry to mat or table to work.

These totes are a useful addition to a smaller class or home environment because they can increase the variety of language on offer but don’t require shelf space.  Instead the totes can hang on a hook at the end of a shelf, on the back of a door or on a stand.