12 LEAVES and SEEDS, cards only, in a Tote Bag



This is a full 12-card combination of Sets #1 and #2 offered in combination with a Tote Bag.  The laminated cards include:  coconut palm frond & coconuts; pine needles & cones; wattle tree leaves & pods; liquid amber leaf & pod; plane tree leaf & pod; and, eucalyptus leaves & gumnuts.

The cotton tote measures 15 cm (6″) x 12.5 cm (5″) – not including the handles.  It offers children a different, interesting option for a cards-only presentation.  A laminated picture sewn to the fabric tells a child what is inside, and handles make the bag easy to carry to mat or table to work.  And, as a special addition, a gumnut hangs from the handles of this tote.

These totes are a useful addition to a smaller class or home environment because they can increase the variety of language on offer but don’t require shelf space.  Instead the totes can hang on a hook at the end of a shelf, on the back of a door or on a stand.

See Presentation & Storage for an alternative Leaves and Seeds bag  — an embroidered drawstring bag is also a possibility.