WORKBENCH A, 7 TOOLS & matching cards, fabric cardholder + 20 additional pieces



7 tools and matching cards include:  yellow spirit level and safety glasses; claw hammer; G-clamp; red screwdriver; spring clamp; and, pliers. The Workbench in cm’s is  25h x 28w x 23.5d  (21” x 11” x 9.25”), which is a nice size for sitting on the floor at the end of a shelf.  Tool cards and cardholder can be stored on the shelf beneath while materials are displayed enticingly on top.   Fabric card holder has tool pattern.  (See details in Presentation-Storage category.)   At present, THERE IS ONLY ONE of THIS PRODUCT AVAILABLE to PURCHASE.

N.B. These tools are real tools and are not toys. Please consider the age and skill level of each child before presenting the materials and provide supervision as necessary.

The additional pieces are pieces of wood and plastic nuts and bolts like the 5 already screwed in on the bench front.  I would keep these extras separate from the language material.  Use them as a manipulation exercise another day without the tools and cards present.